2009-02-22 - 4:46 p.m.

so last night was sweeties, which is basically the valentines dance. and I went with becky, so everything was good. her dad was chaperoning (I know, right?) so I was a little worried about that, but she said that she didn't care, so I didn't either. Around 2 PM my cousin called and said that I should go over to Joe's, where everyone was getting ready, so I had Joe pick me up and so I got ready there. Becky straightened my hair (it's pretty short now), and then a came over. yeah, the same a that I'm convinced likes Becky. so that kind of made me mad, but at the same time, obviously I'm friends with him, so I felt bad feeling that way that I did. We didn't have a ride to where we were eating, so a offered to give us a ride, which we, of course, accepted. so he left, and we (becky, me, my cousin) ordered our food and everything. pretty soon after that diana and maya and some other people came in with their group and they sat next to us. and then, a shows up again, with Nate. They sat with diana and maya but still they were talking with us and stuff. BEFORE a showed up, my cousin reaally had my back. She said, basically right when we sat down: "You shouldn't date a, he's a bad boyfriend." (she would know, she's dated him) Becky didn't really seem convinced at first, but after a while, I think she bought it. And it's true, he really IS a bad boyfriend, there are many many documented cases. The dance was fun. Every time we slowdanced we got more and more comfortable with each other, and we got closer. On the last song, which was a slowdance, after some silence, she said "A really does like me, doesn't he?" And I didn't really say anything, and she said something I didn't catch that ended in "...boyfriend" and then she said "I'm going to tell him that a bunch of "stuff" happened tonight, from a "best friend" point of view, and see how he reacts." so, that made me happy. after the dance we went back to Joe's until 2, but Joe's mom kicked us out at that point, so I went back home, and I woke up around 4. Overall, a very good night.

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